If you see a picture of a bicycle and a plus sign (+) on your camera’s screen, that’s the file repair icon.  This means that your file was corrupted during filming for some reason. 
While the icon is showing on the screen, press ANY BUTTON on the camera, and the camera will repair the file. While the camera is attempting to recover the file, the icon will blink repeatedly. Once completed, the camera’s screen will revert to the normal file counter display.

Here are some ways you can prevent file corruption in the future:

  1. Use a known-good SD card.  Here’s a link to our SD Card Recommendations article.
  2. Format the SD card.  Here are links to instructions if you’re not sure how to do that: HERO2 SD Card ReformatHERO3 or HERO3+ SD Card Reformat.
  3. For the HERO3 or HERO3+, use the I/O Door to cover the SD card slot when the camera is in use.  This will lessen the amount of vibration the card is subjected to.