Depending on the CPU speed or drive bandwidth available on your computer, GoPro CineForm files may “stutter” when playing back in Windows Media Player or other Windows applications. Sometimes the audio will also play out of sync with the video.

Fortunately the scalability of the GoPro CineForm codec’s wavelet-based compression is superior to other algorithms. GoPro CineForm files can decode to a lower resolution that lowers your CPU and drive bandwidth. This will usually overcome stuttering or out-of-sync playback problems.

  1. Using the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer icon in the Windows Task Bar you can choose a setting that will accelerate playback on slower machines by decoding to half horizontal and half vertical resolution.
  2. To enable half-resolution playback select the “Decoder Settings\Desktop Playback – Fast” option in the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer Icon in the Windows Taskbar.

Another thing you can do to improve desktop playback performance is to disable any of the Active Metadata options that you are not using. In the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer Icon, go into the Active Metadata menu and uncheck any unused Active Metadata options.