What's the issue?

If you are experiencing a problem where your phone or tablet is disconnecting from your camera's Wi-Fi network, this FAQ should help top resolve the problem. Here are some of the messages that you may receive on your mobile device:

  • Avoided poor internet connection
  • Internet connection is unstable
  • Internet not available
  • Network disabled, poor connection
  • Network disabled because internet connection is slow
  • Poor Connection / Connection Lost

Where does it apply?

  • GoPro App
  • HERO4
  • HERO3+
  • HERO3
  • HD HERO2

How to fix it


Step 1: Forget the camera's wireless network via the mobile devices wireless settings, the re-add the camera's wireless network.

Step 2: Make sure that the customer is using the latest version of the GoPro App.  When verifying the version number, it is a good opportunity to make sure that they are actually using the GoPro App, and not a 3rd party app such as GoPro Camsuite.  Always make sure the customer is using the GoPro App when troubleshooting connection issues, and not 3rd party apps.

Step 3: If you are unable to connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network, your mobile device will likely display "Authenticating…", "Saved & Secured" or "Incorrect Password" in your Wi-Fi settings menu. More often than not, this is a result of entering in the password incorrectly. If you have simply forgotten the password, for legacy cameras (HERO3+ and older) we strongly recommend running through an update to reset your Wi-Fi network name and password:  http://www.gopro.com/update. For HERO4 cameras we recommend performing a Wi-Fi Reset through the camera and restarting the pairing process.

Step 4: If you are getting an error message stating "Connection Lost" on HERO4 cameras, typically this is a result of not following the proper pairing instructions --OR-- not having cellular data enabled for the GoPro App. At this point we would recommend enabling cellular data on the phone by going to Settings, selecting "Cellular" and scrolling down to GoPro and toggling the switch. Then reset the Wi-Fi through the cameras Wi-Fi Reset and re-pair the units using the tutorial linked below, or walking them through this over the phone. 

Video Tutorial – Pairing your HERO4 with the GoPro App
Video Tutorial – Pairing your HERO4 and Windows Phone

Step 5: There are a few Wi-Fi settings that will make a difference here.  You can find them by going to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings on the device.  Note that not all devices will have all of these settings.  It is likely that the customers mobile device will only have one of these setting options.

  • "Check for Internet service". If present make sure this setting is unchecked.  If this is checked the phone will try to verify if the access point has internet connectivity.  Since the camera's Wi-Fi does not have internet, it results in an error.  Example device: Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • "Auto network switch".  If present try disabling this setting.  If this setting is enabled it will prompt the camera to automatically switch to a Wi-Fi network with an internet connection.  Since the camera's Wi-Fi does not have internet, it switches to a different Wi-Fi network.  Example device: Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • "Smart Mode".   This needs to be turned OFF.  When enabled the phone drops the GoPro App connection when within range of a more popular network such as a Home or Office network. .  To disable go into Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi -> Smart mode. Example device: Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • AT&T carrier specific - Smart Wi-Fi - This is an app that comes on AT&T phones.  If this app is installed, it needs to be uninstalled or disabled.
  • "Avoid poor connection".  If present, make sure that this setting is unchecked. Example device: Nexus 5.
  • "Auto connect". This setting allows the phone to automatically connect to known Wi-Fi networks.  If present, try disabling this.   Example device: Samsung Galaxy S3.

Step 6: "Sprint Connections Optimizer" or "Boost Mobile Connections Optimizer".  If present, try turning this OFF (HTC One Max Instructions, Samsung Galaxy S3 Instructions).  If this fails, see the steps below to turn it off.  It forces an auto-connect to 4G, overriding Wi-Fi in a small number of locations on the Sprint network.  On Sprint phones only.  Example device Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4.

  1. Touch Home Home > Menu Menu > System settings > More… > Mobile networks > Connections Optimizer.
  2. Uncheck the box on the Connections Optimizer page.

Screenshot workflows for disabling Connections Optimizer
Boost Mobile: http://www.boostmobile.com/shop/phones/mobile-guides/kyocera-hydro-edge/G-47B_043.htm
Sprint Galaxy S3: http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Turn_Sprint_Connections_Optimizer_on_or_off_Samsung_Galaxy_Sreg_III_32GB/40803-1469
Sprint Galaxy S4: http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Turn_Sprint_Connections_Optimizer_on_or_off_Samsung_Galaxy_Sreg_4_nonSprint_Sparktrade/48285-1469 
Sprint HTC One: http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Turn_Sprint_Connections_Optimizer_on_or_off_HTC_Onereg_max/49888-1469
Note:  If the issue persists, you may need to Force Stop and Disable the Sprint Optimizer in the application manager and then reboot the phone.

Step 7: Disable Smart Wi-Fi apps that may be included on the phone.  For example, on AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S3 they include an app called AT&T Smart Wi-Fi.  This app can force auto-connecting to known Wi-Fi networks.  Other carriers may have similar apps.  If present, try disabling these apps.

Step 8: Redo the software update. 

Step 9: If available: Go to Settings>Device>Application manager>Samsung apps (there may be several)>Clear data and cache.