If you are experiencing a problem where your phone or tablet is disconnecting from your camera's Wi-Fi network, this FAQ should help top resolve the problem. Here are some of the messages that you may receive on your mobile device:

  • Avoided poor internet connection
  • Internet connection is unstable
  • Internet not available
  • Network disabled, poor connection
  • Network disabled because internet connection is slow
  • Poor Connection / Connection Lost

Follow these steps to try and resolve the problem:

  1. Forget the camera's wireless network via the mobile devices wireless settings, the re-add the camera's wireless network.
  2. There are a few Wi-Fi settings that will make a difference here.  You can find them by going to the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings on the device.  Note that not all devices will have all of these settings.  
    • "Check for Internet service" - If present make sure this setting is unchecked.  If this is checked the phone with try to verify if the access point has internet connectivity.  Since the camera's Wi-Fi does not have internet, it results in an error.  Example device: Samsung S3, S4.
    • "Auto network switch" - If present try disabling this setting.  If this setting is enabled it will prompt the camera to automatically switch to a Wi-Fi network with an internet connection.  Since the camera's Wi-Fi does not have internet, it switches to a different Wi-Fi network.  Example device: Samsung Note 3.
    • "Smart Mode" - This should  be turned OFF.  When enabled the device drops GoPro App connections when within range of a more popular network such as a Home or Office network.  Example device: Samsung Galaxy S4.
    • "Avoid poor connection" - If present, make sure that this setting is checked.  Example device: Nexus 5.
    • "Auto connect" - This setting allows the phone to automatically connect to known Wi-Fi networks.  If present, try disabling this.  Example device: Samsung Galaxy S3.
    • "Sprint Connections Optimizer" - This option is on Sprint phones only.  If present, try turing this off.  This setting forces an auto-connect to 4G, over-riding Wi-Fi in a small number of locations on the Sprint network.  You can find this by going to Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Connections Optimizer > Uncheck "Sprint Connections Optimizer".
  1. Apply the latest software update for your camera.