Protune is available in HERO3+ Black Edition cameras, HERO3: Silver and Black Edition cameras, as well as for HD HERO2 cameras with the latest update. 

Protune enables you to get much higher quality throughout your post-production workflow. Basically, the main purpose of the ProTune software update is to help you get more dynamic images from your camera than you are currently getting today. We really wanted to meet requests from members of our professional community. This is what we’re hearing from them:

“I need 24p because I’m shooting 24p with my other cameras and this means that i have to re-time my GoPro footage to get it to sync.”

“I want even greater image quality because i’m trying to match other cameras.”

“I’m shooting with Log-Curve cameras, like the ARRI Alexa, the RED Epic or the Canon 5D MkII with the Technicolor CineStyle picture style.”

Protune meets all of these.


To record Protune footage, you’ll need to turn Protune ON in your camera’s settings menu.

  1. Turn Protune ON or OFF in the Settings menu.
  2. When Protune is turned ON, video resolutions change. Protune video resolutions:
    • 1080-30 T
    • 1080-25 T
    • 1080-24 T
    • 960-48 T
    • 720-60 T
  3. Protune footage looks ‘washed out’ and less sharp than what you’re used to seeing from your camera. This is because a neutral color profile is applied to Protune footage. The Protune preset is automatically applied to the Protune footage in CineForm Studio, so that the colors look great and images are sharper.

Working with your Protune footage in GoPro Studio:

  1. Import Protune footage in Step 1: Import & Convert.
  2. Convert Protune footage in Step 1: Import & Convert.
  3. Go Step 2: Edit and see that converted clip has Protune preset automatically applied. You can adjust the split point slider in the right-hand controls to see what the footage looks like with the neutral color profile versus the Protune profile that is applied during the conversion.

You can clear the automatically applied Protune preset if you want to adjust it yourself. Do this in the PRESETS controls. To see all of the available PRESETS, you can expand the PRESETS section by dragging the light gray bar up.