This article will describe the process of transferring files from your camera to your computer.

Step 1: Get your computer to recognize your SD card.

Your pictures and videos are saved to your camera's SD card when you record them, so first we need to get your computer to recognize the SD card so you can transfer them from the card to your computer.

You can use an SD card reader or your camera to get your computer to recognize the SD card.  If you use your camera, make sure the SD card is in the camera and your camera is powered off, and then connect your camera to a USB port on your computer.  

We recommend using USB ports on the back of your computer if possible, as those are typically more reliable than ports on the front or side.  Don't use a USB hub or USB ports on your monitor or keyboard.  You should see a red LED light up on the front of the camera once it's connected to your computer.  Next, press the Power button so the camera goes into USB mode.  At this point, your computer should recognize the SD card.

Step 2: Locate your SD card on your computer.

Here's how you find your SD card on Windows:

Click on the Start Menu in the bottom-left corner of your screen, then click on “Computer”.  Note – if you have Windows XP, click on “My Computer”.  Find the section named "Devices with Removable Storage" in the window that opens.  Your SD card will be in that section, and it'll be named something like "Removable Disk (E:)" or "Removable Disk (F:)".

Here's how you find your SD card on a Mac:

If you're on a Mac computer, click on the Finder icon in the left side your Dock.  A Finder window will open.  On the left, you'll see your SD card listed under Devices.  It'll be listed as something like "NO NAME" or "UNTITLED".

Step 3: Locate your pictures and videos folder(s) on your SD card.

Double-click on your SD card, and you should see two folders: DCIM and MISC.  Now double-click on the DCIM folder.  In that, you'll see a folder named 100GOPRO.  (Note - if you took more than 9999 pictures or videos, you'll see 101GOPRO, 102GOPRO, 103GOPRO, etc. folders).

Step 4: Transfer your pictures and videos to your computer.

Drag your 100GOPRO folder from your SD card to your Desktop.  To drag the folder, move your mouse so that the pointer is over the 100GOPRO folder, then click and hold down the button on your mouse.  Continue holding down the button, and move your mouse so that the 100GOPRO folder follows your pointer.  Move the pointer (and folder) to a free spot on your Desktop, and then let go of the mouse button.  A message will pop up indicating that your 100GOPRO folder is transferring to your Desktop.  Once this is complete, the message will either disappear or give you confirmation that the transfer is complete.

If you have 101GOPRO, 102GOPRO, etc. folders on your SD card, you can repeat the same steps to drag them over to your Desktop.

Step 5: View your transferred pictures and videos.

You can then open up the 100GOPRO folder (and others if you transferred them) by double-clicking on them from your Desktop.  The pictures and videos you transferred are in there.  You can double-click on a picture, which ends in .JPG, to view it.  You can also double-click on a video, which ends in .MP4, to view it.  We do recommend using VLC Media Player to play your video files.  Here's a link you can follow to download VLC Media Player: