What's the issue?

The GoPro App crashes, freezes up, or closes unexpectedly.

Where does it apply

  • GoPro App

How to fix it

iOS Troubleshooting

  1. If the app crashed immediately on an iOS device, it is likely that the customer used a special character or foreign character (e.g. ¥, £, ü, etc in the camera name. In order to change the camera name, the user will need to follow the steps below on an Android or Windows device if possible:
  2. Connect to the GoPro's Wi-Fi Network
  3. Launch the GoPro App
  4. Select "Connect + Control"
  5. Tap the wrench icon to open up the settings menu
  6. Scroll down to change the camera name to "HERO3+ Black Edition"

Android & Windows Troubleshooting

  1. If the GoPro App crashes, freezes up, or closes unexpectedly, the following steps should help to resolve the problem:
  2. Force close the GoPro App and re-open it.  Then check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs.
  3. Make sure that the mobile device is up to date with the latest OS.
  4. Make sure that the customer has the latest version of the GoPro App installed.
  5. Force close other apps that may be running, but you are not using.  This may free up memory on your mobile device and allow the GoPro App to run better.
  6. Restart your mobile device and then restart the GoPro App.  Then check to see if the crashing or freezing still occurs.
  7. The GoPro Camera Name may have a special character in it such as ¥, £, etc.  If this is the case, press 'Connect + Control' and tap on the wrench icon to open the Settings.  Scroll to the Camera Info section and select the Camera Name.  Finally, remove the special characters from the name.  The GoPro App should no longer crash.
  8. If none of that helps, uninstall and reinstall the GoPro App.