If you are experiencing this wavy or distorted footage when using your GoPro during an activity where there is a large amount of vibration, it is most likely that a vibration is being emitted which is actually reaching the camera's sensor and causing the waviness. Depending on where and how you have your camera placed, there are a number of things you can do.  

For example, when placed on a roll bar, add a strip of rubber (i.e. from a bike inner tube) to dampen the vibration.  With the curved or flat adhesives, if you have more of the 3M VHB 4991 tape you can double it up for more dampening. Please try moving the camera to a different location if the above tips do not help.  Sometimes all it takes is relocating the camera by as little as a few inches to provide for improved image quality.  The vibration intensity will vary depending on the location of the camera.

Hopefully these tips get you some improved results.  If you need more assistance please contact our Customer Support Team using the link at the bottom right of the page.