During camera software updates, you're sometimes asked to drag files to the root level of your SD card.  Sounds simple enough right?  That is, unless you don't know what the root level of an SD card is.  Just in case you don't, here's an explanation of what we mean by that.

The "root level" is another way to say the "main", "parent" or "top" folder of your SD card.  You access the root level through your computer.  


Here are steps for how to access the root level:


1.  Connect the SD card to your computer via the HD HERO camera or an SD card reader.  

Note - If you have a MicroSD card and you want to use a card reader, you'll need to use the SD card adapter that came with your Micro SD card.



2.  Locate the SD card on your computer.


If you're on a Windows computer, click on the Start Menu in the bottom-left corner of your screen, then click on “Computer”.  Note – if you have Windows XP, click on “My Computer”.  Find the section named "Devices with Removable Storage" in the window that opens.  Your SD card will be in that section, and it'll be named something like "Removable Disk (E:)" or "Removable Disk (F:)".


If you're on a Mac computer, click on the Finder icon in the left side your Dock.  A Finder window will open.  On the left, you'll see your SD card listed under Devices.  It'll be listed as something like "NO NAME" or "UNTITLED".


3.  Double-click on your SD card to open it.  Now you've found the "root level".  

You may see folders named "DCIM" and "MISC" if you've ever used the SD card in your HD HERO camera before..  If you formatted your SD card with the computer or its brand-new, you may see nothing at all in the root level.


If you need to drag files to the root level of your SD card, this is where you'll put them.  Put them next to any folders you see (e.g. DCIM, MISC), not inside them.  


Here's an example of what the root level of an SD card looks like on your Mac or Windows computer if you've used the card in your HD HERO camera.  The root level is what the DCIM and MISC folders are in.  It's the blank space in the window that opens when you double-click on your SD card.


If you have any further questions, you can contact GoPro Customer Support by using the "Contact Us" form.