If you notice that your HERO3+ camera is recording for significantly shorter than expected durations, this article should help you out. You should be able to record in 1080p 30fps for about 2 hours for HERO3+ Black Edition or 3 hours for the HERO3+ Silver Edition, until the batter runs out. This may be shorter if you have Wi-Fi enabled or are using certain bacpac accessories.

If you are not getting this kind of record times, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you’re using a known-good SD card.
    Check out our SD Card Recommendations article for more information. If your card is too slow, the camera will stop recording because the card can’t keep up with the write-speed of the camera.
  2. Charge your camera.
    Make sure that your camera is fully charged, then we’re going to test out its ability to record. To properly charge your camera, power it off, then connect it to a USB port directly on your computer, or to a USB wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A. Leave the camera powered off and charging until the front red LED turns off. Once the LED turns off, your camera is fully charged. You can disconnect your camera from the charger now.
  3. Reformat your SD card in the camera.
    If you want to save any files that are currently on your SD card, please save them to your computer. Next, reformat your SD card in the camera by using the Delete All/Format function. If you’re not sure how to reformat your SD card, here are some instructions.
  4. Record a video with your camera.
    Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned off and that you don’t have any BacPac accessories attached to the camera. Then, set your camera to 1080p 30fps with Wi-Fi off, and start recording a video. Your camera should record for about 2 hours for HERO3+ Black Edition or 3 hours for the HERO3+ Silver Edition, until the battery dies.

If the above steps do not help you can contact Customer Support for further assistance