If you are experiencing any issues updating your HD HERO2 camera, please read through the below troubleshooting steps to help get the update process completed successfully:

To start, ensure the camera's battery is fully charged.  The camera then needs to be powered on and in USB mode when connected to your computer via the supplied USB cable.

Update starts, but fails. 

If the update progress bar either freezes, triggers an update failed error, or no SD card error, then check the following:

Security settings – make sure you do not have certain security settings enabled, which may prevent file download & transfer (after completing update, please make sure you reenable all your security settings)

  • The User Account Control should be turned off in Windows. Link to how to. 
  • Any firewalls that may be in place should be turned off
  • Any anti-virus software that the customer may be using should be turned off

USB connection -  Basically sometimes there can be a USB time-out, where the device can no longer communicate through the USB port to complete the download/update.  So, you should follow the below steps:

  • Disconnect any other USB devices
  • Try another USB port (Must be USB 2.0 port), that is a main port on the computer – not external USB hub.  USB ports on the back of any PC desktop will be a main port, and should be used over any USB port on the front of your desktop.  In your device manager, under "Univeral Serial Bus controllers" all USB 2.0 ports will be identified as being and "Enhanced Port"
  • Ensure the included GoPro USB 2.0 spec cable is being used
  • Close all other applications – just have CineForm Studio running & you may also need to restart the system
If after checking all of the above, you have continued issues, power cycle the camera, and also reboot your computer & CineForm Studio.
Successfully completed update, but CineForm continues to prompt for update
  • Disconnect the camera, and power cycle the camera.  You will need to power cycle the camera for it to register the new software update file with CineForm
Hopefully these quick simple troubleshooting steps get everything working.  Should you have any further issues, please contact our support team for assistance using the contact link below this article.