Updated 1/31/2014

Import Room (Step 1) Specific Known Issues:

#1.  All .mov sources are not supported in Windows 8.

#2.  Hero HD and Hero 2 3D Files not automatically pairing on Import.

  • Workaround: Manually Pair files. To Manually pair files:
    • Right click within the import new files bin and select "manually pair"
    • A dialogue box will appear that will allow you to select the right and the left eye files.
    • Browse to the appropriate files and press ok when finished.

Edit Room (Step 2) Specific Known Issues:

#1.  Certain unsupported fonts (bitmap) can cause the video behind the font turn to black.

  • Workaround: Only use True Type and Open Type face fonts within studio

#2.  Edit Room: Export: Archive (GoPro Cineform) settings: File size estimation can be dramatically larger than resulting file.

  • Workaround: None – This will not be fixed as unfortunately, there is no way to reliably and accurately estimate the file size of a CineForm encoded .mov.

#3.  While Grid is enabled, the alpha is disabled on other tools.

  • Workaround: Turn grid off.

Export (Step 3) Known Issues:

#1.  Long exports (Over 4GB) result in unplayable .mp4 files.

  • Workaround: Try a lower quality preset or try creating a shorter file.  If the export is still over 4GB, consider breaking up the project into multiple projects.

#2.  Spanned Recordings have a slight audio glitch after conversion.

General Known Issues:

#1.  With Avid launched, importing a file into the Import Room causes an import failure.

  • Workaround: Close avid before importing new files into import room.

#2.  Windows XP: Uninstalling program does not kill GoProCineFormStatusViewer.exe

  • Workaround: Open task manager and kill process.