Updated 1/31/2014

Import Room (Step 1) Specific Known Issues:

#1.  When switching from import to edit room, and then back to import room.  Studio will not remember last selected clip in import room. 

  • Workaround: Reselect the clip in the Import room

#2.  Advanced settings reset to defaults after deselecting then reselecting a clip.

  • Working on new logic for how this behaves.  Fix to come in incremental release.

#3.  Converting large numbers of files can potentially cause studio to crash.  Usually seen if trying to convert 100 or more files in one batch. (Number varies  depending on system specs.)

  • Workaround:  Make sure Autosave is enabled and set to 30 seconds.  If you experience the crash, autosave will open studio back up and you can continue converting where studio left off.   

Edit Room (Step 2) Specific Known Issues:

#1.  White balance picker does not update cursor icon to indicate the tool is active.  (Stays as default mouse arrow) 

  • Work around: None to fix cursor, however white picker works fine, there is just no visual feedback that it’s active. 

#2.  If you move the "split" slider quickly to the left or right, the slider will not fully exit frame. 

  • Work around: Click the "Split" text to the left of the slider.  This will reset the slider and clear it completely from frame.  

#3.  On rare occasions, the Storyboard UI will render incorrectly. 

  • Workaround: Save project and re-open. 

#4.  Edit Room: Export: Archive (GoPro Cineform) settings:  File size estimation can be dramatically larger than resulting file. 

  • Workaround:  None – This will not be fixed as unfortunately, there is no way to reliably and accurately estimate the file size of a CineForm encoded .mov. 

#5.  Premium/Pro Only, the "Tools" can be laggy due to memory issue.  

  • Workaround:  None, dependent on speed/memory capacity of user’s computer.

#6.  Certain unsupported fonts (bitmap) can cause the video behind the font turn to black. 

  • Workaround:  Only use True Type and Open Type face fonts within studio.

#7.  Unable to Left/Right “Arrow” through text in Title text dialogue.

  • Workaround: Use mouse to select cursor position.

#8.  Unable to reset sliders within the "Tools" pallet. (Premium/Pro only).

  • Workaround: None

Export (Step 3) Specific Known Issues:


General Known Issues:

#1.  QuickTime Player 10 does NOT display Active Metadata color corrections when playing CineForm .mov files.  

  • Workaround:  Use QuickTime 7.   All NLE editing programs support Active Metadata. 

#2.  Thumbnails in OSX Snow Leopard and OSX Lion are dim.   

  • Workaround:  Upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion. 

#3.  Under OSX Snow Leopard or earlier, installing with a previous version of Studio installed AND running will cause the installer to fail. 

  • Workaround:  Run uninstall script located in Applications/GoPro/Tools/ before installing latest version of studio. Or, upgrade to latest version of OSX.