This article has 2 main sections.  (Part 1) what to do if you CAN control your camera with the GoPro App but do not see Preview, and (Part 2) what to do if you CANNOT control your camera with the GoPro App.


Part 1

If you CAN control your camera still, but the preview screen shows “Wi-Fi BacPac Not Connected” or "Starting Preview" and Preview never starts, then read here:

Here’s what the issue could be:

  • You are using an iPhone 4 with a HERO4 camera.  The iPhone 4 does not support preview from a HERO4.
  • You’re almost out of range. Camera preview will stop even though you’re still able to control the camera with the App.
  • Preview needs to be turned OFF/ON a few times to re-establish preview.
  • The App needs to be re-launched.
  • An app that affects your APN settings is installed on your device and conflicting with the GoPro App.  Examples of this sort of app are Onavo and APN-Switch.
  • Your Wi-Fi password needs to be reset. 
  • You need to redo the camera's software update. 
  • To troubleshoot:

1.  Make sure that you’re within range.
You want the Wi-Fi icon in your App to show at least 2 bars to be sure that you’re within range.


2.  Tap the preview window to turn it OFF/ON a few times to see if the issue is corrected.


3.  Close and re-launch the App.


4.  Make sure the GoPro App is up-to-date.  
Visit Google Play or the App Store to make sure you have the most current version of the GoPro App.  
5.  Test with your device’s Airplane Mode turned ON.
In most cases, Preview doesn’t start when your device’s APN profile prevents the GoPro App from working properly.  To test for this, forget the GoPro Wi-Fi network on your device, turn ON Airplane Mode on your device, remove/reinsert the camera’s battery, and power on/off the Wi-Fi BacPac (for HD HERO2 camera).  Next, reconnect your device to the GoPro Wi-Fi network.  

Launch the GoPro App.  If you can see Preview with Airplane Mode ON, this means that you either need to uninstall your APN profile if you’ve downloaded apps that affect data, like Onavo, Snappli, or APN-Switch.

Also be sure to check your carrier’s data plan.  If they don’t allow streaming video, you’ll need to turn ON Airplane mode to view Preview on the GoPro App. Also turn off any Firewall apps, such as Droid Wall. If this doesn't work, check with your carrier to see if they've disabled video streaming on your device.  We’ve seen this with some prepaid carriers.

6.  If you’re using an Android device, try to use the Software decoder.  
When you launch the GoPro App, look for gear or wrench button in the top-right corner.  Tap on it if you have it.  Then, tap SOFTWARE.  Selecting SOFTWARE makes the app rely on the device’s operating system to run to improve compatibility.  Note – this does not apply to devices that do not have the gear or wrench icon. 

7.  Did you use any special characters in your Wi-Fi password?
The Wi-Fi password you set for the BacPac in CineForm Studio or during the HERO3 camera software update cannot contain special characters.  Compare your password to the below list of allowed characters.  If your password doesn’t fit these criteria, you need to change it before Live Preview will work:

Your password must be at least 8 characters.  It can contain the following characters: Lower and upper case letters, numbers 0-9, at symbol "@", dash "-", and underscore "_".   

You can change the Wi-Fi BacPac password in CineForm Studio’s Device Window by going to Help > Device Window, then select the Wi-Fi BacPac and click "Change name & password". You can change the HERO3 camera's password by manually redoing the software update and completing “Step 3 – Camera Setup”.  If you need assistance with changing your Wi-Fi password, you can view instructions here.

8.  Make sure the camera software is up to date on your HERO3 camera or HD HERO2 camera (and your Wi-Fi BacPac if you’re using an HD HERO2 camera).  
For your HERO3 camera or HD HERO2 camera, you can do this verifying your version.txt file against the current camera software releases by visiting the Camera Software Release Info page at:  You can find the version.txt file in your SD card’s MISC folder.  It’s a good idea to reformat your SD card with the camera’s delete ALL/Format function and then take a picture before you check the version.txt file.  The delete ALL/Format function can be found by selecting the trashcan icon in the camera’s Settings menu, which is represented by the wrench icon.  If you need step-by-step instructions on how to reformat the SD card the following links should help:

Instructions for HD HERO2

Instructions for HERO3

For your Wi-Fi BacPac, you can do this by checking your BacPac’s version in CineForm Studio.  Connect the BacPac to a USB port directly on your computer and open CineForm Studio.   Then Click on View > Device Window.  Next to the Wi-Fi BacPac, it should say Version: 3.4.0, up-to-date.
9.  Manually redo the camera software update.  
This is a good way to reset the camera to clear up any issues that arise in its Wi-Fi functionality.  
Click here for HERO3 camera manual software update instructions.
Click here for HD HERO2 camera manual software update instructions.
Part 2
If you CANNOT control your camera still, but the preview screen shows “Wi-Fi BacPac Not Connected” or "Starting Preview" but Preview never starts, then read here:

Here’s what the issue could be:

- You’re out of range.
- The camera froze.
- The BacPac froze.
- The App froze.
- Connection temporarily dropped, so your phone or tablet joined another Wi-Fi network.

To troubleshoot:

  1. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi network settings to make sure that you’re still connected to the Wi-Fi BacPac.
  2. Make sure that you’re in range of the BacPac’s Wi-Fi network by checking the Wi-Fi icon’s strength next to the camera in the App. You want the Wi-Fi icon to show at least 2 bars to be sure that you’re within range. If there is a lot of Wi-Fi noise in the area, you may need to be within a couple feet of the camera in order to establish a connection. This greatly depends on environment and your phone or tablet’s ability to pick up Wi-Fi signals. 
  3. Close and re-launch the App.
  4. Reset the camera, Wi-Fi BacPac, and App connection.
    1. Close the App.
    2. Power off and disconnect the BacPac and camera from each other.
    3. Remove and reinsert the camera’s battery.
    4. Power on the BacPac, but leave the camera powered OFF.
    5. Connect the camera and BacPac.
    6. Reconnect your phone or tablet to the BacPac’s Wi-Fi network.
    7. Power ON your camera with the App.

Note – If camera control or preview is lost, the camera will remain in the last triggered state. This means that it will not stop recording if it was recording when the App’s connection was lost.