If your computer is not recognizing the USB connection it could be one of a few things:

  • There is a loose connection somewhere
  • The USB cable is faulty
  • There is a compatibility issue with the SD card
  • There is a fault with the camera itself.

First, make sure that the blue Wi-Fi light isn't flashing.  If it is, hold down the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera until the light flashes 7 times and then turns off.  If you have a HERO4 camera, hold down the side button for 2-3 seconds until you get to the Wi-Fi mode screen and turn OFF Wi-Fi.

Please try removing and reinserting the USB cable into the camera and computer, ensuring that both ends are fully inserted and secure.  Note that you do have to give a little extra push to have the USB cable click into place when connecting to the camera. You will also want to try restarting the computer and reconnecting the camera, and if this does not help and you have access to another computer, try the additional computer as well. 

**When you have the camera connected via the USB cord, please make sure that you have the camera powered on.  The computer will not recognize a USB connection when the camera is powered off.  You also need to have a SD card inserted, for the computer to recognize a connection.**

Any luck with any of the above tips? If not, there is the possibility of a compatibility issue with the SD card.  If you have a separate SD card slot or SD card reader to connect the card to the computer, please do so.  If the SD card is recognized in the card reader, please download the files using the reader and then reformat the SD card to see if that allows it to be recognized when connected via the camera.  If the SD card is not recognized in a separate card reader either, then there is an issue with computer and SD card compatibility which reformatting the card might resolve.

If reformatting or any of the other tips don't work, please contact GoPro Customer Support for further assistance.