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Upside-down Mode for 3D Recording

Upon insertion of the sync cable the cameras will automatically orientate depending on which side of the sync has been inserted. R will place the camera in Up mode, while L will place the camera in Upside-down mode.

Distance Between Lenses in the 3D HERO System

The distance between the two camera lenses when seated in the 3D HERO System is 33 mm.

Optimal Distance for 3D Recording

For optimal 3D recording we recommend keeping your subject at least 3 feet from the camera when shooting in WVGA, 720p, and 720p, and 5 feet when shooting in 1080p.

Recording in Two Different Resolutions with the 3D HERO System

If your cameras are recording in two different resolutions while using the 3D HERO System, the cameras will record in sync, but you will not be able to combine them for 3D viewing. The files will only be good for 2D viewing.

3D Recording Created Two Files of Different Lengths

If all settings are correct during 3D recording your files should not waver in lengths. GoPro CineForm Studio will not accept clips that do not properly align for 3D conversion. You can trim these clips to match lengths before import if you wish to combine these for 3D.

Using One Button Mode for 3D Recording

One Button Mode is not available for 3D recording. It will be removed from the settings upon insertion of the Dual HERO BacPac or 3D Sync Cable.

Unable to Combine the HD HERO Original Camera with the HD HERO2 Camera in the 3D HERO System

You can only combine two of the HD HERO2 units or two of the HD HERO Original units together to use with the 3D HERO System.  The two cameras must be the same type for the 3D HERO System.

How to Check Your GoPro Order Status

If you want to check your GoPro Order Status, we have a tool that will allow you to do that. GoPro Order Status If you enter your info in the tool linked above you will see all the details about your GoPro order, including its status and tracking information.