news Jun 11, 2013

Ryan Sheckler’s in LA getting ready for X Games and he lost the GoPro HERO2 camera he just autographed. Follow @GoPro and @RyanSheckler on Twitter and help him find his lost GoPro. Each day of X Games 2012 Ryan will tweet a clue about where the GoPro might be.



ONE: Solve the Clues on Twitter

Follow @GoPro and @RyanSheckler on Twitter to receive the clues. Tweet the answer to the clues to be entered to win. You must include the hashtag #LostGoPro in your tweet.

Six total winners be will be chosen at random from all the correct answers to receive a prize. You must be following both Ryan and GoPro to win.


Two winners will each receive a GoPro Gear Pac with a GoPro t-shirt, stickers and a GoPro hat signed by Ryan Sheckler himself.

Two lucky winners will each receive an autographed Plan B Ryan Sheckler Skateboard Deck. 

Or win one of two “GoPro HD HERO Skate Packages” each consisting of an HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition, WiFi BacPac Combo Kit, and Chest Harness.


TWO: Find Ryan’s Lost GoPro in Person at X Games and Claim it (and more) as Your Reward

Follow GoPro and Ryan on Twitter to receive the clues and uncover the secret X Games location of the camera. You must be present at X Games 2012 on Saturday, June 30th to win. You must also be following both Ryan and GoPro to win. To claim your reward, go find the special autographed GoPro, and return it to the GoPro booth.


HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition, autographed by Ryan Sheckler
Autographed Plan B Ryan Sheckler Pro Model Complete Skateboard
Nixon “Field” Backpack
Nixon “All Cord” Trucker Hat
Nixon “The Trooper” Earphones
Nixon “The Fuller” iPhone 4 Cover
Nixon “Unit” Watch
Oakley Frogskins