Community Sep 09, 2013

GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman made a pitstop on the Formula Car Challenge podium today at Sonoma Raceway after finishing third place in the Pro Formula Mazda class.

Although he spends his days (and many late nights), at the helm of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman sneaks away when he can to indulge in his passion for auto racing. With only a short time to train and prepare for the Formula Car Challenge race at this year’s GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma IndyCar weekend, Woodman still managed to qualify in third, just 1/10th of a second behind the second place qualifier.

Woodman still has plenty of racing left this weekend, but he definitely has some momentum heading into the next round. He will be back n the track following the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma IndyCar race Sunday afternoon, where he will be vying for that top spot on the box. Good luck, Nick!

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UPDATE: Nicholas returned to the track on Sunday following the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma IndyCar race for a second round of racing action. He was met, however, with immediate bad luck in the first turn of the opening lap.  A collision with another racer instantly ended his race day. Our fearless CEO, luckily, walked away from the incident unscathed.