Mar 22, 2013

Top Athletes in Freeriding, Slopestyle, Cross Country, and Downhill Mountain Biking Join GoPro Roster

September 22, 2010 – Half Moon Bay, Calif. – GoPro®, the world’s best selling wearable HD camera company, names Aaron Chase, Andrew Taylor, Brandon Semenuk, Brian Lopes, Cam McCaul, Cam Zink, Darren Berrecloth, Mike Montgomery and Tyler Allison to the GoPro team of athletes.

“These guys take riding to another level,” exclaimed Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “They’ve got skills that most of us can only dream of, making them the perfect athletes to showcase the convenience and performance of GoPro’s HD HERO line of cameras and mounting accessories. Watching their speed, style, and flow from their perspective…well, it’s really what GoPro is about. Capturing incredible experiences in HD and then blowing minds sharing that content with others. These are some of the best athletes in the world and we’re honored to have them join the GoPro family.”

This year, GoPro also supported some of the premier biking events in the industry, proudly sponsoring Crankworx Colorado, the Kokanee Crankworx Whistler, and the Claymore Challenge as the official wearable camera of each event and providing video production assistance that has led to some of the most watched biking videos on the web.

“These guys are rockstars,” says Woodman. “Look at the video we shot together out at Post Office this year with some of these guys…that video has over 1.1 million views on YouTube. That’s a big deal and made possible thanks to the absurd skills these guys possess coupled with the professional grade results you get when filming with the HD HERO.”

GoPro’s HD HERO™ line of cameras are not only the top selling “wearable” or gear mountable sports camera in the consumer market, they are also the top selling camera for professional film and TV productions where an “easy to mount anywhere” professional HD camera is needed. In addition to a number of shows airing on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, CBS, BBC, Versus, FuelTV and SPEED TV; Citizen Pictures used the HD HERO for filming the Race Across the Sky, an upcoming feature film chronicling the Leadville 100, the most demanding cross country mountain biking race in the U.S. GoPro footage from the upcoming film can be seen here:

GoPro’s team of riders play a pivotal role in helping GoPro push the limits of the HD HERO camera, filming techniques, and providing feedback that leads to new mounts and camera features. GoPro is proud to present:

Aaron Chase
Aaron has been using the GoPro in his arsenal of promotional tools since the beginning, from freeriding to more progressive riding that has pushed the sport into new frontiers. Aaron has set the stage at premier events like the Red Bull Rampage, an event that he describes as, “It’s just like big mountain skiing. You go out there and ride the gnarliest line, and if you can put a trick in there, it’s even better.”

Andrew Taylor
Andrew is one of the hardest working freeriders in the business. Having just finished developing his AT signature dirt jumper bike with Marin Bikes, Andrew still makes time to nail all the contests and is an invaluable part of the freeride movement. He is consistently experimenting with new mounts and experimental GoPro prototypes to evolve the product to the next level. Always ready to send it, AT is one of GoPro’s most trusted test pilots. Andrew can be seen regularly on TV, starring in one of GoPro’s new TV commercials.

Brandon Semenuk
Regarded as one of the top freeriders in the world and riding for the Trek Bikes Global Team, Brandon is the current reigning Red Bull Rampage Champion. The Red Bull Rampage is the undisputed championship for big mountain freeriding. Big drops, hairy lines, and even bigger consequences make winning this competition the ultimate top step on the podium for any freerider. Brandon set a new bar in 2009, when he won the Rampage with style normally only seen at the X Games and/or a groomed slopestyle venue. Brandon has also set many marks in the freeride film category. Rocking his GoPro, Brandon is bringing new angles of insanity to the people and new ideas to GoPro’s design team.

Recent Result: 1st Place Crankworx Colorado.

Brian Lopes
The Gravity Legend. Winner of the famed Whistler A-Line DH race, 5 consecutive times and numerous titles across the sport including four World Mountain Bike championships, nine National Championship titles, six UCI World Cup Championships and named by USA Today as, “Undisputedly the best all around world class cycling athlete.” Lopes films all of his assaults and uses the GoPro as a competitive advantage, being able to train and then analyze his race runs.

Recent result: 1st Place, A Line DH Crankworx

Cam McCaul
From Aptos, California and riding for Trek Bikes, Cam is as comfortable on the top step of the podium as he is appearing in the biggest films. He has landed on just about every slopestyle podium there is, including Crankworx, The Bearclaw Invitational, Monster Park, the Red Bull District Ride and Rampage. His latest accomplishment was his multi segment performances in the film from Anthill and Shimano “Follow Me”. GoPro is stoked to have not only Cam’s skill onboard, but also his creative antics and energy that makes Cam McCaul one of the most progressive and beloved freeriders in the world.

Cam Zink
This Corsair Atomlab Team rider is a slopestyle original. Hailing out of the Reno dirt jumping scene, this multi talented rider claimed his first power podium this season, by winning the infamous Crankworx Canada Slopestyle Event.

Darren “The Claw” Berrecloth
The Claw set the benchmark for freeride mountain biking almost a decade ago. This Crankworx Champion has appeared in more films and racked up more footage than any other rider in the history of the sport. Riding on the Specialized Bikes Global Team, The Claw knows his industry and his professionalism on the playing field shows the strength of this riding and character. “The GoPro ads a whole new dimension to my film making with Freeride Entertainment”.

Recent result: 1st Place, Crankworx VW Trick Showdown.

Mike Montgomery
Mike is a BMX inspired mountain bike rider, more often than not, riding an Atomlab hardtail singlespeed. Mike charges hard and is now internationally famous for his “self commentary” during his second place run at this year’s Crankworx Slopestyle, recorded on his HD HERO worn during competition.
Recent result: 2nd Place, Crankworx Slopestyle.

Tyler Allison
Riding for Trek Bikes and Atomlab, this 18 year old XC and DH racer knows the value of rocking a GoPro during a race. “When pre-running race courses you can GoPro your entire run, then take it home, analyze your lines, and run the course 100′s of times virtually!”

Recent result: 5th Place Pro Men, Red Bull 5000 Down DH Race.

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