In The Wild Jul 09, 2013

Gizmodo’s, Brent Rose, links up with GoPro media experts along with GoPro snow athletes, Eric Willett and Torstein Horgmo, to learn the best tips and tricks for recording killer GoPro content on the slopes.

Action cameras seem simple enough. Strap it to your head, hit record, and go, right? While that’s essentially true, your video may not turn out like the ones you see the pros making. So we wrangled up some of them up at Winter X Games, and got some simple, easy to incorporate tips that’ll kick your next video up a notch or two.

Note: For these interviews GoPro hooked us up with some of their sponsored riders and production crew, so while they all say “GoPro,” know that most of these tips apply to whatever action camera you use. The exceptions would be some of the higher frame rates and resolutions mentioned which are only available on the Hero 3 Black edition at present.

Meet the Pros

Torstein Hormgo just won gold at the X Games Big Air in snowboarding. That jump speaks for itself. He’s also one of the dudes behind the very entertaining Shredbots website, so he knows a thing or two about filming. Eric Willett is a pro boarder, and former X Games medalist. Shredding hard is what he does. Zak Shelhamer was a pro boarder through 2011, when he took a gig as GoPro’s Media Team Leader. Abe Kislevitz was just a guy on the USC ski team who made awesome action cam videos. They were so good that GoPro offered him a job.

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